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Do porcelain crowns stain from coffee and tobacco? Can they be whitened using over the counter products?

What products do you recommend and which ones should be avoided at all costs? Thanks for taking time to answer.

Do porcelain crowns stain from coffee and tobacco? Can they be whitened using over the counter products?
Porcelain crowns do not stain with coffee or tobacco!!! Tooth colored fillings (composites) can stain because they are porous. I think people are confusing the two. Porcelain crowns are not porous and are furnaced (baked) at a high temperature and absolutely will not change color. The margin near the edge which is natural tooth may stain from coffee etc, but the truth is that is such a small margin, it normally isn't noticeable. Porcelain crowns are a a pre-determined color when they are placed (the doctor chooses a shade to match your natural teeth) and the color cannot be changed unless you have them replaced. If the margin around the crown is stained, you should have a professional cleaning (prophylaxis) with your dentist. They will simple polish stain. In an extreme circumstance, a porcelain crown may pick up some coffee stain along with plaque on the tooth, but it would mean not brushing your teeth at all so the surface of the crown is rough enough to have the stain adhere to it. But that is extreme and I have never seen it. I have seen stain on posterior gold crowns, but never on procelain. Even if this did happen, it would not change the color of the crown, it would only be on the outside of the crown and could be polished off by a dentist.

PLEASE do not use vinegar or other acid to try to clean your crowns. That could irritate your soft tissue (gums)
Reply:yes they stain and vinegar is also a good stain remover.
Reply:Yes they do stain, and any toothpaste will work if it has stain removers on the tube.
Reply:I have crowns and yes, they yellow. I use Crest whitener and it works on both porcelain and enamel.
Reply:I have 5 porcelain crowns and haven't noticed any yellowing. I don't smoke or drink coffee, but I do drink hot tea. I've never tried whitening products, but I've read that porcelain crowns cannot be whitened.
Reply:One inexpensive product that works on most stains is baking soda. If that doesn't work, read the label of the cleaning products that are used for such stains. If they say not be used on......, than find one that does. If you can't find any over the counter cleaners, I can tell you what works on everything which is the world's most versatile organic cleaner. Please e mail me for more info. Because of yahoo's policy it cannot be disclosed here. thanks
Reply:Yes to both questions. Baking soda is a good stain remover, too.

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